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Our reliable and innovative SIEMENS SIMATIC industrial PCs are the optimal PC hardware platform for PC-based Automation from Siemens.

• Rack PC
SIEMENS SIMATIC Rack PCs are flexible, high-availability industrial PC systems for powerful yet compact applications using 19" technology.
Four device classes are available for different requirements:
SIEMENS SIMATIC IPC347 – high performance at an optimized price
SIEMENS SIMATIC IPC547 – latest technology and maximum performance
SIEMENS SIMATIC IPC647 – maximum compactness combined with maximum industrial functionality
SIEMENS SIMATIC IPC847 – maximum expandability and industrial functionality

Box PC
SIEMENS SIMATIC Box PCs provide mechanical engineers, plant engineers and control cabinet makers with particularly rugged industrial PC systems for use in powerful yet compact applications.

The following device classes are available for various requirements:
• SIMATIC IPC227 (Nanobox PC): The Box PC with optimized performance in compact design – maintenance-free and rugged
• SIMATIC IPC427 (Microbox PC): The powerful embedded IPC – maintenance-free with versatile configuration
• SIMATIC IPC627/IPC827 (Box PC): The high-end IPC – with maximum performance, functional scope, and expansion capability

Panel PC
SIEMENS SIMATIC Panel PCs are suitable thanks to their high industrial compatibility for use in control cabinets, consoles and control panels, as well as
directly on the machine. Typical areas of application can be found in both factory and process automation.
There is a broad range of robust, high-performance SIEMENS SIMATIC Panel PCs available for different requirements.

• Tablet PC:
The SIEMENS SIMATIC Industrial Tablet PC taps new application areas within the scope of Industry 4.0. Considered for industrial use, the SIEMENS SIMATIC ITP1000 can convince with its many functions in day-to-day working. Typical applications are in maintenance/service, production and measuring and testing.

• Industrial monitors and Thin Clients
SIEMENS SIMATIC industrial monitors in industry-standard design are fail-safe and durable. You can select one of the two following LCD display ranges:
• SIEMENS SIMATIC Flat Panels or
• SCD monitors.
SIEMENS SIMATIC Thin Clients are low-cost operator control units and support different protocols so that they can be flexibly connected via PROFINET/Ethernet.